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Toronto GRE Continues to Benefit Community

PortsToronto's annual Noise Management Report for 2020 shows that the GRE continues to have a positive impact on the community.

PortsToronto Releases Annual Noise Report for 2020

In February 2021, PortsToronto released the 2020 Annual Noise Management Report for the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport. The report describes PortsToronto’s efforts to manage noise and introduce improvements to mitigate operational impacts. The report also details the number and nature of complaints PortsToronto received in 2020. The report states that “the positive impact of the GRE has been immediate and significant.”


  • In 2013, PortsToronto received 161 noise complaints related to engine run-ups, which made up 32% of all noise complaints that year.
  • Since the GRE was put into operation in 2017, PortsToronto has received just 14 complaints related to engine run-ups— the majority of which occurred as a result of engine runs that were conducted outside of the facility due to extremely high wind conditions.

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“The positive impact of the GRE has been immediate and significant.”