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New Noise-Reducing Aircraft Test Facility Coming to Pearson

PortsToronto's annual Noise Management Report for 2020 shows that the GRE continues to have a positive impact on the community.
New Noise-Reducing Aircraft Test Facility Coming to Pearson

Blast Deflectors, Inc. (BDI) is pleased to announce that it has been selected by Bombardier to design, manufacture, and install an aircraft test facility for the new state-of-the art Bombardier Global Manufacturing Centre located at Toronto Pearson International Airport. The ground run-up enclosure will be used for pre-delivery engine testing of all Global business jets, including the Global 7500, the world’s largest and longest-range business jet.

“BDI is honoured to have been selected for this project. We have a long history with Bombardier, and we appreciate that our experience and expertise in the field of aircraft acoustics and aerodynamics was a driving factor in our selection,” said Don Bergin, president of BDI.

“The aerodynamic challenges of ground running engines at takeoff power while the aircraft is static requires a facility with enormously sophisticated features to control airflow. The Bombardier GRE will include a number of patented technologies, including our VertiVent design,” says Bergin. “We have previously constructed three GRE facilities in Canada, most recently at the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport. We’re excited that more residents of greater Toronto area will benefit from our noise-reducing technology.”

In addition to previous experience with Bombardier, BDI has supplied various types of aircraft run-up facilities for a variety of aircraft. BDI’s most recent ground run-up enclosure was constructed at Melbourne Orlando International Airport and is currently being used primarily for testing business jets after final assembly.

“BDI’s engineers worked closely with Bombardier’s airframe and powerplant teams to ensure that all design criteria were carefully considered and addressed. The result is a run-up facility that will provide a stable aerodynamic environment suitable for consistent testing of Global aircraft in a wide variety of wind conditions with, of course, an emphasis on acoustics that will benefit the community surrounding the airport,” says Bergin.

The new ground run-up enclosure is part of an investment by Bombardier of approximately $400 million USD. Site construction is underway and the first production activities at the new facility are set to begin in 2023.

To learn more about BDI’s range of ground run-up enclosures, please visit the GRE PAGE