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Kalitta Air Builds Ground Run-Up Enclosure

Kalitta anticipates use of the GRE with improvements to engine testing and maintenance efficiencies with the added benefit of turn-around time to meet their cargo flight schedules.

An Aerodynamic GRE for the Ages

The Oscoda-Wurtsmith Airport (OSC) has a unique tenant originally associated with auto racing that built a well-established air cargo company called Kalitta Air.  Existing conditions for engine run-up procedures were challenging airport operations and causing safety concerns, property damage, and blowing foreign object debris.

The Challenge:  Finding a location on the airport to perform full-power engine testing with safety being the number one concern.

The Solution:  Install a ground run-up enclosure (GRE) large enough to hold B747 aircraft for testing the engines and control the intense prevailing winds.

Years of GRE discussions, a wind analysis study, and proper authority decisions determined the best location for the five-story structure.  The facility aerodynamics are designed to provide a stable air flow environment suitable for engine testing, even when there are challenging wind conditions.  The GRE was built due to safety concerns of large engine run-ups in open spaces at varying locations on the airport.  Leadership of Kalitta, the airport, and the FAA determined a ground run-up enclosure was the best option.

To learn more about this project, visit a local news article here.

BDI was awarded the project under Kalitta Air, LLC., to provide the design and supply of the GRE and supervise the installation.  The project was completed January 2024.