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BDI’s in-house engineers have worked on hundreds of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) consulting projects involving ground running aircraft. What is CFD? CFD is a numerical simulation tool used to solve and analyze problems that involve fluid flow, heat transfer, and associated phenomena. BDI CFD simulations involve the use of compressible 3D Navier-Stokes equations that are particularly difficult to solve and require significant computational time and extraordinary computational resources.


BDI’s CFD studies are completed using the latest CFD flow modeling techniques and serve as an important tool for BDI’s design engineers to use in developing the ideal jet blast deflector and ground run-up enclosure solutions for our customers. Having successfully completed hundreds of complex and critical projects, our team of CFD engineers delivers solutions to aircraft manufacturers, airports, and consultants globally.

Runway Simulations

Building Impact Studies

Ground Run-up Enclosure Airflow Analysis

Aircraft Engine Performance Simulations

Airport Site Analysis

Aircraft Jet Blast Impact Studies

Why is BDI the ideal partner for CFD analysis work involving aircraft exhaust?


BDI’s USA-based CFD team is led by Dr. Richard Kirkman, who has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering specific to the thermal/fluids sciences. Dr. Kirkman’s academic research experience centered on the study of fundamental turbulence, both experimentally in wind tunnels and using computational fluid dynamics. Due to the high-speed and complex nature of jet blast, it is essential that airport CFD simulations be performed by a team with sufficient knowledge regarding fluid dynamics, heat transfer, and turbulence. Equally important is the integration of the necessary knowledge base into the CFD modeling process by way of mesh generation and the solution processes. BDI has this knowledge.


BDI has been using computational fluid dynamics to simulate flows involving jet aircraft and airport structures, such as jet blast deflectors and ground run-up enclosures, regularly since 2013. Our team leader, Dr. Kirkman, has been doing computational fluid dynamics research and work since 2003. BDI has performed hundreds of CFD simulations for many projects involving turbojet, turbofan, and propeller-driven aircraft. Several high profile BDI projects have required intensive CFD studies for aerodynamic design, including facilities for Airbus, Lockheed Martin, StandardAero, Boeing, Gulfstream, and Marshall Aerospace.

Site Configuration Fidelity:

BDI uses high-fidelity, three-dimensional CAD models of site configurations that have been appropriately de-featured for CFD analysis. When necessary, BDI can model variations in local ground elevation.


At BDI, we utilize a wide array of tools to solve engineering problems in the most effective and efficient way, including several powerful 3D Navier-Stokes solvers, a potential flow solver, 1D & 2D Euler/Navier-Stokes solvers, and empirical models of jet blast.

Fidelity to the Physics:

BDI has specific knowledge of the thermodynamic processes involved in the operation of jet engines. Consequently, BDI can derive appropriate boundary and initial conditions for CFD analyses based on thrust levels of ground running aircraft. BDI also maintains fidelity to jet engine design. For example, BDI CFD models of turbofan engines include the inlet flow into the nacelle and separate flows for the core engine flow and the bypass stream flow. If the turbofan uses a mixed nozzle, BDI will model the mixing of the two streams internal to the mixed nozzle. BDI also uses compressible flow algorithms to ensure fidelity to the jet engine efflux modeled exiting the engine.

What BDI provides in a typical CFD project report:

  • A full, standard CFD analysis report
  • Project description and CFD input information
  • A detailed analysis of results including relevant data such as pressure, velocity, temperature, etc.
  • Summary, conclusion, comments, and suggestions
  • Detailed, colorful images supporting the conclusion
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