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End Around Taxiway Visual Screens

End Around Taxiway (EAT) Visual Screens are placed at the end of a runway and are designed to enable pilots to better discern when an aircraft is crossing the active runway versus operating on an end around taxiway. The red and white diagonal striping on the front surface is highly visible at considerable distances, and is specifically designed for this application.

BDI visual screens are designed to be durable, weather resistant, and withstand code-level wind conditions, all while including highly-effective frangible elements for increased safety. In the event of aircraft impact, the frame and panel structures are designed to systematically break apart in order to impart the least amount of energy, or damage, to the aircraft.

BDI’s End Around Taxiway (EAT) Visual Screens are designed in accordance with the FAA’s guidelines. The purpose of an EAT Visual Screen is to avoid potential distractions to pilots caused by aircraft using an EAT.

End Around Taxiway Visual Screen
End Around Taxiway
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