Cambridge GRE Prop Stress Study

Marshall Facility CFD Includes Detailed C-130J Propeller Stress Study

Detalles del Proyecto

Ubicación: Cambridge Airport
Cambridge, United Kingdom
Proyecto: Cambridge Ground Running Pen Study
Cliente: Marshall Aerospace & Defence Group
  • Complex CFD calculations carried out in BDI's virtual flow laboratory

Marshall Aerospace required a 4-sided ground run-up enclosure capable of accommodating both commercial aircraft (up to B747-8) and military aircraft (primarily C-130). One of the most complex challenges of this project included proving that the ground running of C-130J aircraft in the GRE would not impose additional stress into the propellers due to the presence of the GRE acoustic walls. BDI had the unique privilege of working directly with Marshall Aerospace and Dowty Propellers, and successfully leverage available industry knowledge along with BDI’s extensive in-house CFD experience, to achieve groundbreaking results that ultimately gained approval by all parties. Results produced by the CFD analyses were later validated via practical field testing. Learn more about BDI’s CFD services.

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