Buffalo-Niagara Jet Blast Deflector

Curved Deflector for RON Apron at Niagara

Detalles del Proyecto

Ubicación: Buffalo Niagara Int'l Airport
Buffalo, USA
Proyecto: BNIA Remain Overnight (RON) Parking
Contratista: Union Concrete and Construction Corp.
Dueño: Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority
  • Challenging site geometry
  • Tight conformance to applicable regulations
  • Very short lead-time to perform the design and delivery

A major expansion at Buffalo-Niagara required an extension of new jet blast deflector that matched the profile of an existing BDI deflector supplied many years earlier. The 14-foot (4.2-meter) tall, curved jet blast deflector protects a public roadway from jet blast produced by taxiing aircraft. This structure is rated for an industry standard jet blast velocity of 140 mph (225 km/hr).

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