Sugundo Jet Blast Deflector

It All Started with Douglas Aircraft in El Segundo

Detalles del Proyecto

Ubicación: Douglas Aircraft Company, Los Angeles International Airport
El Segundo, USA
Proyecto: F4D-1 Skyray Ready Ramp, Hangar B-4
Dueño: Douglas Aircraft Company
  • Thrust rating required extremely heavy-duty structure
  • Tight conformance to applicable regulations

The Douglas Aircraft Company El Segundo Division delivered many early-era jet aircraft to the USAF B-4 flight facilities at LAX. This is where BDI (then known as Lynnco) found their first customer. With the production of the jet-powered F4D-1 Skyray, which was capable of Mach 1+ speeds, the Hangar B-4 ramp at LAX was outfitted with a number of Stanley Lynn’s first jet blast deflector designs capable of withstanding high-power jet engine run-ups. The ramp at Hangar B-4 transformed many times over the years, and was finally demolished in 2004 after reaching the end of its useful life. The site is now the home of Atlantic Aviation LAX.

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