Victorville U19-3 Jet Blast Run-up Wall

Victorville Run-ups Performed Safely Thanks to BDI Deflector

Detalles del Proyecto

Ubicación: Southern California Logistics Airport
Victorville, USA
Proyecto: Engine Run-Up, Phase II
Contratista: Vance Corporation
Dueño: City of Victorville
  • Thrust rating required extremely heavy-duty structure
  • Tight conformance to applicable regulations

This full-power run-up JBD is primarily used by GE for their B747 flying test beds based in Victorville, California. Since being installed, the flying test beds have carried a number of test engines including the GEnx, GP7200, LEAP, Passport, and GE9X. This JBD has also served as a unique backdrop for Southwest Airlines advertising campaigns.

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