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Ground Run-up Enclosures

As the aviation industry has evolved, so too has the responsibility that airports have in being considerate community members. Communities near airports expect solutions to reduce the acoustic impacts of all operations, including ground run-up noise, created by aircraft. Maintenance run-ups typically create a greater noise nuisance than actual takeoffs and are often scheduled at night. This can result in noise complaints from the community and creates a serious public relations problem for airport officials. Fortunately, a GRE that is both acoustically and aerodynamically functional can address this issue.

BDI pioneered a cost-effective, technologically-advanced solution for ground run-up noise attenuation. We offer ground run-up enclosure (GRE) facilities that use patented components, proven designs, and have a spotless track record of successful installations. BDI’s philosophy is to balance project technical requirements with practical solutions.

Every GRE project requires a customized approach due to the unique conditions and circumstances that exist at each airport and surrounding community. BDI understands the complicated dynamics of a GRE project, which often includes many diverse parties, each with a different background and agenda. In addition to being the turnkey supplier, BDI’s role involves facilitating teamwork among the owners, facility users, consultants, regulatory agencies, and the local community. BDI has learned through experience what is necessary to elicit cooperation from all involved.

BDI’s run-up management system (RMS) adds information technology that greatly benefits users, owners, and stakeholders.


BDI’s 3-Sided GRE has been the industry standard since 1996.

BDI’s standard GRE configurations are 3-sided or 4-sided facilities. The configuration depends on the required acoustic performance and aerodynamic considerations. For a complimentary analysis of how BDI technology can mitigate ground run-up noise problems, please contact us. BDI’s philosophy is based on providing our customers with the highest quality products and services that match BDI’s international reputation of performance and value earned over the last 60 years.

BDI’s 4-Sided GRE provides 360 degrees of noise attenuation.


Running aircraft engines at high power settings while stationary can be challenging for various reasons:

  • Aircraft engines require smooth and turbulence-free air at the nacelle (inlet).
  • Modern aircraft are efficient and powerful, and the latest turbofan engines use high bypass ratios with larger fan diameters. This places the engines closer to the ground compared to previous-generation aircraft, which can create significant aerodynamic challenges.
  • Ground running aircraft in a GRE is more complicated than open-field conditions due to the fixed facility orientation, tall acoustic walls, and atmospheric conditions.


Through the use of scale model testing, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and field evaluation of more than 30 completed facilities, BDI continually provides innovative aerodynamic features that maximize facility usability. BDI’s patented designs and the outstanding performance of our facilities is one reason BDI builds the best GREs in the market.


Engine run-ups typically occur at night, precisely when communities near airports are most sensitive to noise. With over 30 successful GRE facilities constructed to date, BDI understands that the primary reason to build a GRE is the acoustic benefits such a facility brings to airports and communities. BDI works with all stakeholders to develop a solution that, first and foremost, meets the project acoustic requirements. BDI’s NOISE BLOTTER™ acoustic panels are designed specifically for the low frequency sounds created by aircraft engines and provide a much higher degree of noise attenuation than standard acoustic panels.

The combination of the aerodynamically advanced STABILE FLOW™ design with the effectiveness of NOISE BLOTTER™ acoustic panels provide an aerodynamically efficient GRE with very high usability and outstanding noise reduction.

Example of how a BDI GRE can significantly reduce noise impacts of ground run-ups (hover over image).

Discovery Channel Feature

The Discovery Channel produced an excellent feature on a BDI ground run-up enclosure constructed at the Vancouver International Airport. This video explains the purpose of a GRE and the acoustic benefits such a facility provides to communities near airports.

A long History of Satisfied Customers & Clients

“BDI’s extensive knowledge of acoustics and aerodynamics, along with an extraordinary commitment during the design and construction phases, were critical factors in the overall success of the project.”

Martin Tzschichhold
Project Manager
Airbus Group

“Users of the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport are able to successfully test aircraft inside the BDI GRE in almost all wind conditions ensuring excellent facility usability.”

Bojan Drakul
Manager – Infrastructure, Planning and Environment

“BDI honored its assumed obligations exactly and correctly with very good quality and within the time limit. I recommend BDI as a stable and correct partner, covering the high international norms and requirements for designing and building of such installations.”

Plamen Stanchev Dimitrov
Executive Director
Sofia Airport

“After more than ten years of service, Emirates Airline continues to be very happy with the GRE facility by BDI, which is used on a daily basis for ground run-ups.”

Robert Aiken
Senior Manager Eng. Facilities

“BDI was selected in a public procurement procedure based on its proven technical skills and track record, as well as consideration of its financial offer for the project.”

Gábor Szarvas
Director of Community Affairs, Environment, Health & Safety
Budapest Airport

“The calls have pretty much disappeared since we built the GRE.”

Kelly Ferencz
Project Manager
Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport

“We could not have hoped for a better outcome—the facility not only meets our stringent state noise regulations, but it has also brought some peace and quiet to our neighborhoods.”

Glenn Woodman
Airside Operation Planner
Port of Portland

“The BDI team was professional, responsive and easy to work with throughout the design and construction process. The GRE facility has been in operation for years with a wide variety of aircraft types and continues to function without issue, providing a safe location for engine run-ups.”

Maria Teresa Campo Suarez
Purchasing Manager
Bogotá International Airport

“BDI’s professionalism and commitment to quality, safety and schedule are nothing short of superlative.”

Rocky Johnson
Vice President
Ivey's Construction

“The positive impact of the GRE has been immediate and significant.”

Gene Cabral
Executive Vice President
PortsToronto and Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport

“The enclosure has virtually eliminated complaints related to maintenance run-ups, which had been our top complaint from those in the community.”

RJ Seenstra
President and CEO
Ports Toronto
  • GRE material delivered to any location in the world via truck, rail, ocean, or air freight
  • All material is professionally packed in easily-handled bundles
  • Our project management team oversees design, delivery, and construction to meet schedules and deadlines.
  • BDI’s staff of field representatives and superintendents provide site assistance to ensure a smooth and efficient installation
  • Our diverse capabilities enable BDI to offer turnkey installation service
  • All BDI projects are backed by a performance guarantee and material warranty
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