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3-Sided Ground Run-up Enclosures

3-Sided Engine Test Facility 3-Sided Ground Run Up Pen 3-Sided Ground Running Enclosure 3-Sided Ground Run up Enclosure 3-Sided Ground Run-up enclosure INNOVATIVE & HIGHLY EFFICIENT DESIGNS

The ability for aircraft to complete ground run-ups in a wide variety of wind conditions drives the success of any GRE project. The BDI 3-sided GRE design starts with sloped entry walls with a rolled top to improve airflow into the facility and eliminate vortex formation, due to separation, at the front and top of the side walls.

BDI 3-sided GREs provide the optimal balance of acoustic performance, aerodynamic usability, and budget considerations. Having completed more than 30 such facilities, BDI can provide the ideal solution to accommodate any commercial or military aircraft.  BDI’s run-up management system (RMS) adds information technology that greatly benefits users, owners and stakeholders.


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Ground Run-up Enclosure

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