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Jet Blast Deflector Colors

BDI standard deflector panels have a heavy, galvanized coating with a natural gray color. Optionally, these panels can be powder coated for additional durability and improved aesthetics. BDI offers colors based on the RAL system, which is a system developed by the German State Commission for Delivery Terms and Quality Assurance (Reichsausschuß für Lieferbedingungen und Gütesicherung) as a color matching system, which is similar to the Pantone® system used in printing.

The RAL color system is specially designed to be used for varnish and powder coating purposes and covers a wide spectrum of colors. Some BDI deflectors can be customized with a variety of standard color options. The RAL color system is one of the most popular color standards in use today, and one may see these colors used in architecture, construction, industry, recreation, and road safety.

The chart below is as close an approximation of the actual color as we can create for a website. However, this is not perfectly accurate so please only use it as a guide to color choice. Indeed, different monitors and printers will produce slight variations in color from this chart.

Please click on each color to see an example project in which that color has been used.  NOTE:  Other colors are possible.

Standard International Colors:

RAL 2009 (Traffic Orange)
RAL 2010 (Signal Orange)
RAL 3020 (Traffic Red)
RAL 7042 (Traffic Gray A)

Standard U.S. Colors:

Federal Standard 12197 International/Aviation Orange

BDI uses a variety of standard white colors, including RAL 9016 (Traffic White) and RAL 9010 (Pure White).