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Jet Blast Deflectors

For more than 60 years, BDI has offered the airport industry a full selection of jet blast deflectors and jet blast fences ranging from light-duty for taxi operations to heavy-duty models for engine run-ups. BDI’s aim is to provide innovative, customized solutions for jet blast protection that meet customers’ budgets. BDI does this with passion and competence, and with the highest levels of technology, quality, and safety. Our custom-designed jet blast deflector solutions can meet unique project requirements. Whether it’s a jet blast deflector, a jet blast fence, or a jet blast screen, BDI offers a proven, practical, and effective solution. If blast from high-energy explosions are a concern, BDI even offers blast walls.

“BDI honored its assumed obligations exactly and correctly with very good quality and within the time limit. I recommend BDI as a stable and correct partner, covering the high international norms and requirements for designing and building of such installations.”

Plamen Stanchev Dimitrov
Executive Director
Sofia Airport

“We sincerely appreciate the outstanding support from Blast Deflectors, Inc. You have obviously earned your reputation over the last 50+ years of service.“


“I walked the entire depth of the parking lot behind the blast fence and there was no significant turbulence even with the engines at full power.”

James Muldoon
Supervisor of Aeronautical Services
Port Authority of New York & New Jersey

“BDI was selected in a public procurement procedure based on its proven technical skills and track record, as well as consideration of its financial offer for the project.”

Gábor Szarvas
Director of Community Affairs, Environment, Health & Safety
Budapest Airport

“BDI’s professionalism and commitment to quality, safety and schedule are nothing short of superlative.”

Rocky Johnson
Vice President
Ivey's Construction

“Blast Deflectors, Inc. is dedicated to excellence that extends beyond installation.  The user-friendly scheduling tools offered by BDI allow our tenants to effortlessly create, modify, or cancel appointments.  Additionally, the commitment to acoustic excellence ensures not only superior aerodynamics but also a harmonious, noise-reduced environment, making it an easy choice for outstanding performance and tenant satisfaction.”

Stephanie Betts, C.M., ACE
Assistant Director of Operations & Maintenance
Melbourne Orlando International Airport

“During the initial day of construction, we conducted a meeting with the BDI Engineer to share knowledge on past blast deflector installation projects. This session proved highly beneficial for our local engineers, offering an explanation of the process and facilitating a question-and-answer session, thus providing valuable insights.”

Yong-Seon Lee
Project Manager

BDI jet blast deflectors are constructed of heavy-duty, hot-dip galvanized steel. All designs are modular and can easily be relocated or reconfigured as requirements change. The most common type of jet blast deflector is BDI’s curved design, which has been the industry standard since 1957, although BDI offers many other shapes and configurations to meet the requirements of our customers, such as vertical jet blast fences and angled jet blast screens.

Curved Jet Blast Wall
Expanded Metal Jet Blast Barrier
Vertical Jet Blast Fence
Curved Jet Blast Fence
Curved Jet Blast Barrier
Curved JBD
Vertical Jet Blast Fence
Portable JBD



  • Solid, roll-formed steel sheets
  • Expanded metal (mesh)
  • Galvanized coating
  • Powder coating or epoxy paint (various colors available)
  • Carbon or stainless steel, fiberglass, aluminum or polycarbonate
  • Integrated acoustic panels


  • Hot-dip galvanized coating
  • Powder coating or epoxy paint (various colors available)
  • Carbon or stainless steel, aluminum, or fiberglass structural members
  • Aesthetic landside cladding


  • Mechanical, expansion type
  • Chemical (epoxy)
  • Cast-in-place
  • Frangible (break-away)


  • Obstruction lights
  • Barbed wire arms
  • Perimeter fence integration


  • Curved jet blast deflector
  • Vertical jet blast fence
  • Vertical jet blast barrier
  • Angled jet blast screen

Delivery & Installation

  • Jet blast deflector material can be delivered to any location via road, rail, ocean or air freight
  • All material is professionally packed in easily-handled bundles, pallets and/or crates
  • BDI’s staff of field representatives provide site assistance to ensure a smooth and efficient installation
Jet Blast Deflector Installation
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