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Fiberglass Jet Blast Deflectors

BDI’s range of fiberglass jet blast deflectors is designed for use near airport NAVAIDs such as an instrument landing system (ILS) localizer. These deflectors are constructed entirely of fiber-reinforced plastic material in order to be transparent, or invisible, to radio signals. BDI’s fiberglass design has been flight tested by the FAA, which verified that the material and geometry do not interfere with NAVAIDs.

The curved shape of BDI’s fiberglass deflector provides optimal aerodynamic performance and provides maximum protection to both personnel and NAVAID structures. The fiberglass panels can also be supplied in a variety of standard colors.

BDI’s fiberglass deflector has been flight tested by the FAA to ensure no impact to the localizer signals.

Arlington Fiberglass Jet Blast Barrier Test
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