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Heavy-Duty Jet Blast Deflectors

Heavy Duty Jet Blast Screen Heavy Duty Jet Blast Fence Heavy Duty Jet Blast Wall Heavy Duty Jet Blast Deflector Heavy Duty JBD SOLUTIONS FOR EVEN THE MOST DEMANDING AIRCRAFT

A run-up jet blast deflector is utilized by airlines, MRO operations, and aircraft manufacturers when high-power engine run–ups need to be performed safely. Both heavy-duty and aerodynamically efficient, BDI’s range of run-up deflectors is available for all aircraft types.

BDI’s design team carefully studies each project to determine the optimal deflector type and configuration. When run-up noise is a factor, BDI can offer ground run-up enclosure (GRE) technology, which combines an aerodynamically-shaped jet blast deflector with noise-absorptive acoustic walls.


  • Designs available for all aircraft & engine types
  • Optimal aerodynamic performance
  • Configurations adapted to project requirements
  • Heavy-duty anchoring system
  • Rapid installation
  • Lasting durability
  • No site welding or field fabrication required
  • Outstanding corrosion protection
Jet Blast Deflector
Deflector proof test at Boeing with B747-400 performing a full power run-up.
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Jet Blast Deflector

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