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Portable & Temporary Jet Blast Deflectors

BDI’s range of portable and temporary jet blast deflectors provides contractors and airports with flexibility and improved safety for airside construction environments. Various heights and shapes are available to suit any project requirement. A portable deflector avoids the need for permanent civil work, while a temporary deflector requires existing, suitable paving. For both portable and temporary solutions, the Owner is provided with the option of installing the deflector in a permanent configuration elsewhere on the airfield once airside construction has been completed.

Portable Jet Blast Wall

Portable Solutions:

  • All deflector types can be mounted onto concrete pallets, which can be optimized for deflector performance and portability
  • BDI can design custom solutions to meet any number of project needs, site constraints, etc.

Temporary Solutions:

  • All deflector types can be designed for anchoring to suitable concrete paving
  • In instances where only asphalt paving exists, BDI is even capable of providing unique deflector and anchoring configurations for safe and practical use

Typical Geometries:

  • Curved with solid panels
  • Vertical with solid panels
  • Angled with expanded metal
  • Vertical with expanded metal
Portable JBD
LAX Temporary Jet Blast Fence
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