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Light-Duty Jet Blast Deflectors

BDI’s range of taxi-duty jet blast deflectors and jet blast fences are used at various locations around airports to protect roadways, GSE, personnel, buildings, parked aircraft, and other areas from the dangerous, high-velocity exhaust produced by aircraft operating at breakaway power to commence movement on taxiways and aprons. BDI’s team of technical experts are able to identify potential hazards and make specific mitigation recommendations.


BDI offers many different models to protect sensitive areas from jet blast. The height of the deflector (blast fence) is determined by our engineers based on the aircraft position, aircraft type, thrust settings, and any additional specific customer requirements. Most of BDI’s models are constructed of heavy-duty, hot-dip galvanized steel. All designs are modular and can easily be relocated or reconfigured when requirements change. The industry standard is BDI’s curved deflector with solid panels, which offers maximum aerodynamic performance. Other versions offered by BDI include vertical and angled deflectors (jet blast fences) with expanded metal (mesh).


  • Proven designs
  • Customized to meet project requirements
  • Heights from 6’ [2m] to 35’ [11m]
  • Compact footprint
  • Designed for dynamic jet blast loads
  • Variety of coating options
  • Many optional features
  • Corrosion protected for long service life
  • Available with a variety of anchors, include BDI’s AB34M
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