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Melbourne GRE User Page


Users of the MLB ground run-up enclosure must be trained on GRE procedures in order to receive a user account for the scheduling system. To set up training or to recover lost user names, please contact airport operations at (321) 288-1578.

The GRE reservation system is a two-part process:

  1. At least 24 hours prior to accessing the facility, a reservation must be made using the online calendar below. Note: the aircraft type must be saved in order to finalize the reservation.  Also, please note that an escort request must be submitted to airport operations at least 24 hours prior to the reserved time slot.
  2. Within two hours of completing the run-up, users must submit a run-up report form. This form is located in the calendar reservation and can be opened by clicking on the small, blue icon. Current wind conditions are noted at the bottom of this page.

Accessing the run-up report form:
After a reservation has been created using the online calendar, this icon will appear in the record:

Clicking on this icon in the record opens the run-up report form.

Current Wind Conditions at KMLB:

Wind speed and direction at the time of the run-up will need to be noted on the GRE user form.

Contact INFO:
MLB OPERATIONS:  (321) 288-1578
24-Hr Police Assistance: (321) 288-0147
BDI: (775) 856-1928