Bogota Jet Blast Deflector

BDI Returns to Bogota with Another Project

Project Details

Location: El Dorado International Airport
Bogota, Colombia
Project: Project for Modernization and Expansion of El Dorado Airport
Contractor: Consorcio Constructor Nuevo Dorado
Owner: Opain S.A.
  • Remote project location
  • Tight conformance to applicable regulations
  • Very short lead-time to perform the design and delivery

This curved 4.2-meter (14-foot) tall deflector protects roadways and buildings from jet blast produced by taxiing aircraft. Provided for aircraft arriving to the terminal gate, as well as aircraft that are pushed back from the gate, this blast deflector is highly effective in deflecting breakaway jet exhaust and, therefore, providing more usable space at this busy airport.

Article_0008_BOG, March 2012

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Request Information

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