TF Green Fiberglass Jet Blast Fence

BDI Unveils New Fiberglass Deflector

Project Details

Location: T.F. Green International Airport
Providence, USA
Project: Runway 16 Safety Improvements
Contractor: J.H. Lynch & Sons, Inc.
Owner: Rhode Island Airport Corporation
  • Challenging site geometry
  • Tight conformance to applicable regulations

When the T.F. Green International Airport in Providence, Rhode Island required a fiberglass jet blast deflector to be installed at the end of a runway, BDI responded by offering an all-fiberglass version of their standard G14M deflector. The result is a curved, aerodynamically efficient, proven design that safely protects a public roadway from jet blast created by departing aircraft. BDI’s fiberglass design has been flight-tested with FAA aircraft, which certified that the fiberglass design is invisible to critical NAVAIDs.

Fiberglass Jet Blast Deflector

Read more about the fiberglass project in the feature done by Airports International.

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Request Information

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