Chicago Ground Run-up Enclosure

First BDI Stabile-Flow™ GRE Constructed in Chicago

Project Details

Location: O'Hare International Airport
Chicago, USA
Project: Ground Run-up Enclosure
Owner: Chicago Department of Aviation
  • Challenging aerodynamics
  • Challenging acoustics

The overall enclosure measures approximately 280′ (86m) long by 280′ (86m) wide, and the wall heights reach approximately 45′ (13.7m).
This facility is the first in the world to feature BDI’s Stabile-Flow™ technology. These aerodynamic enhancements enable the facility to be used under a wide range of wind conditions including a range of quartering head, tail, and side winds. The Stabile-Flow™ technology comprises a rolled, sloped entry lip, rolled top, and vented walls which permit air to pass into the facility without allowing the noise to escape from the facility. This facility incorporates the latest generation Lynnco NoiseBlotter® panels, specifically designed noise generated by aircraft engines.

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Request Information

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