Oakland Ground Run- up Enclosure

First GRE in the Bay Area

Project Details

Location: Oakland International Airport
Oakland, USA
Project: Aircraft Engine Maintenance Run-ups/Ground Run-up Enclosure
Owner: Port of Oakland
  • Challenging site geometry
  • Tight conformance to applicable regulations
  • Challenging aerodynamics

The idea for building a GRE at Oakland International Airport was spawned by participants of the Airport Community Noise Management Forum. “The test shows that this new technology lives up to its prior billing, and will go a long way towards lessening the impact we have on people who live around us” says Carole Wadle, the Noise/Environmental Manager for the Port of Oakland. BDI is proud to be a partner and being able to deliver a successful project at an airport near our Bay Area roots, which date back to the 1960s.

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Request Information

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