Arlington Fiberglass Jet Blast Screen Test

New BDI Fiberglass Deflector Tested by FAA

Project Details

Location: Arlington Municipal Airport
Washington, USA
Project: FRP Deflector Localizer Flight Test
Client: FAA
  • Tight conformance to applicable regulations

BDI worked closely with our well-regarded NAVAIDs partner to complete computer simulations of BDI’s prototype curved fiberglass jet blast deflector, which only then was followed by field-verified, third-party localizer testing. This extensive field-testing process involved the FAA’s test aircraft making multiple instrument approaches while the deflector was mounted in front of an active localizer. Results from this study definitively conclude that BDI’s fiberglass jet blast deflector design allows for virtually unabated signal transmission through the curved deflector surface and support structure—BDI’s tried-and-true aerodynamic technology.

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Request Information

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