New Portable K-Rail Deflector at LAX

Project Details

Location: Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
Los Angeles, CA USA
Project: American Airlines Terminal 4/5 Redevelopment Program at LAX
Contractor: Hensel Phelps
Owner: American Airlines
  • Limited space
  • Meet project requirements
  • Protection of trailers, contractor offices, and airline personnel

When redevelopment for terminals 4 and 5 entered the construction phase at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) the contractor, Hensel Phelps, needed a 180-foot solution to protect job site trailers, construction offices, and airline staff from the jet blast produced by commercial aircraft turning in and out of a nearby gate.

The Challenge:  Develop a temporary and portable deflector for use in a tight space and lower jet blast velocities.  

The Solution:  Anchor 6-feet of solid and mesh panels to construction K-rail bases.

The solution needed to be secure, temporary, and rated for taxi/breakaway power of commercial aircraft at lower taxi velocities.  The new design model JBS-V6-4.5PK is a vertical jet blast deflector mounted onto K-rails which uses minimal horizontal space and can be relocated for other purposes.  The K-rail needed to be secured to a suitable asphalt surface using special anchors to ensure there is no movement of the barriers from high winds or engine exhaust.  The deflector is comprised of both solid corrugated sheets and expanded metal (mesh) standing approximately six feet in height on top of an additional two feet of K-rail for a total height of approximately eight feet.  The height ensured adequate protection of people, equipment and structures during aircraft operations.

This model was specifically designed for this project in order to meet project requirements.  The sheets were powder coated in orange and white colors to be more visible and identify a construction zone.  Obstruction lights were also installed in accordance with FAA construction specifications.

Other portable jet blast deflector options are available and used for a variety of reasons.  Vertical or angled geometries with solid or mesh panels can be considered.  The more common curved deflector solutions are mounted onto pre-cast concrete bases which are optimized for performance and portability.  Custom solutions are developed as each project has its own unique challenges.

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