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Project Details

Location: King Faisal Air Academy
Project: King Faisal Air Academy Project
Contractor: NAS JV
Owner: Royal Saudi Air Force
  • Unique design size
  • Need for noise attenuation
  • Unusual airflow conditions
  • Proximity to other apron users

BDI was selected for this prestigious and challenging project having developed a solution tailored to the end-user’s requirements.  A key engineering compromise was having the ground run-up enclosures close enough to the apron to avoid long taxi times while offering adequate noise protection to other apron users.

The Challenge:  Determine a suitable location and aero-acoustic design to allow excellent usability while reducing noise from engine run-ups.

The Solution:  Install three uniquely shaped and right-sized ground run-up enclosures suitable for various types of aircraft while attenuating noise. 

Three installations were needed to meet the aircraft throughput requirements.  The orientation of the enclosures was critical to circumvent unusual wind conditions and allow aircraft use during various hours.  BDI developed a clever solution with a simple appearance to offer the necessary stable airflow for multiple aircraft types and attenuate the noise.  The enclosures included the supply of aerodynamic entry, acoustic panels, obstruction lights, and flood lights allowing for 24-hour operations.

BDI was awarded the project with contractor NAS JV through the King Faisal Air Academy.  The project was successfully commissioned, including aircraft testing and noise measurements, in early November 2022.

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Request Information

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