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Run-up Management System

3-Sided Engine Test Facility 3-Sided Ground Run Up Pen 3-Sided Ground Running Enclosure 3-Sided Ground Run up Enclosure 3-Sided Ground Run-up enclosure INNOVATIVE & HIGHLY EFFICIENT DESIGNS

RUN-UP Management SYSTEM

Access to run-up data is critical for both airport staff and users of GRE facilities.  BDI’s run-up management system (RMS) is a cutting edge solution FOR BDI FACILITIES that automatically captures run-up data and provides users with real time weather information.
  • Illuminated sign on GRE wall that displays local wind conditions
  • State-of-the-art instruments for high-quality weather observations at the GRE site
  • Data logging system that automatically archives details for each run-up event (photo, time, duration, weather conditions, etc.)
  • Webpage for airport staff to monitor GRE activity via a CCTV camera, as well as real-time wind conditions and sound levels at the GRE site
  • Cloud-based scheduling tool for GRE users
  • Cloud-based reporting tool that allows GRE users to easily complete run-up reports and submit to airport staff
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Ground Run-up Enclosure

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