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Airports operate around the clock, and BDI is here to help ensure you remain operational. Our team of technical experts is available to support our 1,500+ installations around the world. With an inventory of spare parts and an extensive library of technical information and completed projects, we are confident that we can provide any information or support that you may need.

Jet Blast Deflector Service

Spare Parts

Original BDI spare parts and replacement components can be obtained fastest using our Contact Form. The BDI team will help you find the correct spare parts using our extensive database of projects dating back to 1957. Original spare parts ensure that your BDI installation will remain structurally sound and prevent FOD issues that could result from the use of non-standard parts.


Baggage carts, vehicles, FOD, and even aircraft wingtips can damage BDI installations. If a BDI product should become damaged or require repair, we are able to mobilize and complete the necessary work. Our team of trained field technicians can replace frames, panels, obstruction lights, etc., on any BDI facility or installation.

Inspections & Refurbishment

In addition to making replacement components available well beyond the intended operational service life, BDI maintains a comprehensive program of product refurbishment for our customers. The components of any JBD or GRE may be carefully inspected by our trained technicians, reported to our team of engineers, and repaired or replaced as required— an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to installing new structures.

GRE User Training

Ensuring that GRE users are well-trained on how to position aircraft inside the facility, operate work lights, access the run-up management system, etc. is critical to the long-term success of a GRE facility. A typical training session covers aerodynamics, operating facility features, run-up procedures, instruction on light controls, and scheduling requirements. Training sessions can also be custom-tailored upon request.

Support Request Form

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