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Cesar Meza

Technical Sales Engineer

Cesar handles project estimating and design during the early stages of BDI’s projects. He brings a broad range of knowledge and skills to the BDI team.  Being a U.S. Navy veteran, he was deployed in Afghanistan where he operated heavy equipment building forward operating bases.  His military discipline and attention to detail benefits BDI’s operations and we thank him for his service!

Bringing years of project management experience in manufacturing and construction, Cesar has developed a well-rounded understanding of a project’s full life cycle from sales to design, estimating, and closeout.

Outside of work, Cesar enjoys spending time with his children attending dance events and soccer matches while staying healthy at the gym and maintaining house projects.

“Working at BDI is really great!  I get to work with a variety of team members on a daily basis doing multiple projects at one time.  Each project is unique and designed specifically to resolve a jet blast safety or engine run-up noise concern.  An example being the Stratolaunch plane in Mojave, CA.  What a cool looking airplane!”

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Stratolaunch Jet Blast Wall