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Jake Pargas

Field & Safety Manager

As BDI’s Field & Safety Manager, Jake is responsible for onsite operations of jet blast deflector and ground run-up enclosure installations. This includes overseeing JBD erection crews, coordinating site equipment, interfacing with BDI’s customers during field operations, and certifying completed installations. Before Jake joined BDI he served as a wildland firefighter where he trained new members in skills and operations. Jake has extensive experience in the construction field as he has worked with concrete in the past where he specialized in house foundations, driveways, sidewalks, and concrete removal/repair. Jake has trained and supervised many projects at BDI for defense and commercial airports within the U.S. and around the world.

“My favorite project with BDI so far was in Istanbul, Turkey. Not only do I love traveling and experiencing new cultures, but also working with local crews can be very challenging and fun (especially when you do not speak the same language!). BDI is an asset to airport operations all over the world, and it is really great knowing I have a part in that.”

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Full Power Jet Blast Deflector, Istanbul