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Matt Anzai

Sales Manager

Matt is the Sales Manager at BDI and his area of responsibility includes the Americas, Australia, and New Zealand. He has over 25 years of sales and sales management experience, including years in medical device and pharma sales. He holds a BSBA from Creighton University. His passion for aviation began in college and has been around it ever since. Matt takes special pride in being a resource for consultants in the early design phase and helping with solutions for issues involving jet blast or ground run-up noise.

“One memorable project for me was the 07L/25R Safety Area Improvement project at Los Angeles International. Using our internal resources, we provided jet blast analyses for the taxi/breakaway and full power applications, produced the appropriate specifications and drawings, CFD studies in the airspace analysis, and assisted with the complicated phasing to meet the project’s changing needs throughout construction. There’s always satisfaction in flying into LAX, or any other airport, and seeing the completed structures and knowing you were able to support the consultants in their design.”

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LAX Temporary Jet Blast Fence