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Billy Bishop GRE Scheduling System

BBTCA Ground Run-up Facility

Video showing Q400 accessing the GRE:

(note: this is a demo only.  The operational version will require users to login to see the schedule.)

Users of the Billy Bishop ground run-up enclosure must be trained on GRE procedures in order to receive a user account for the scheduling system. To set up training or to recover lost user names, please contact airport operations. Run-ups to be performed during regular hours can be scheduled using this calendar. For run-ups during restricted hours, contact operations.

The GRE reservation system is a 2-part process:

  1. Make a reservation using the online calendar. Note: the aircraft type must be saved in order to finalize the reservation.
  2. Within two hours of completing the run-up, users must submit a run-up report form. This form is located in the calendar reservation and can be opened by clicking on the small, blue icon.
Contact INFO:
Airport Administration:  (416) 203-6942
Airport Duty Manager: (416) 203-6942 ext. 17
Airport Security: (416) 203-6942 ext. 10
Firehall/ERS non-Emergency: (416) 203-1752
BDI: (775) 856-1928