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BDI is recognized by defense forces around the world as a supplier of industry-leading solutions, which includes jet blast deflectors (JBDs) for power check pads and large-scale hush houses.

Since the dawn of the jet age, BDI has provided solutions for defense applications. BDI’s first major military project was to equip all Strategic Air Command (SAC) bases with Lynnco Type E deflectors and, since then, thousands of BDI deflectors have been installed at military facilities worldwide.

A variety of jet blast deflector models are available for power check pads, aprons, and parking positions. BDI’s deflector material can be rapidly dispatched to locations around the globe in easily-handled bundles for air or sea shipments. Designs comply with USAF, NAVFAC, USACE, UFC, and NATO requirements.

BDI’s line of ground run-up enclosures, or hush houses for large aircraft, have been supplied for large cargo aircraft such as C-5, C-17, C-130, A-400M as well as for fighter aircraft.

Airbus A400-M Hush House
C-17 Ground Run-Up Enclosure
F-15 Afterburner Jet Blast Fence
F-18 Jet Blast Deflector
JBD Spec

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Ground Run-up Enclosure

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Jet Blast Deflector

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